Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to Our Homestead

     I'd like to welcome you to our homestead and to my first blog.  We live off-the-grid here generating our own power and hauling in our water.  We have been here since October, 2006 and are making improvements all of the time.  We started out in a 5th wheel camper and have since moved into the basement of the home we are building ourselves.  Things are moving along well at this time.
     I wish I could say that we have a great garden going, but that just isn't so.  We are working on amending the soil and hope that soon we will have a thriving garden.  In the meantime, we are making an attempt at growing tomatoes, green beans and peppers in 5 gallon buckets and half barrels.  The peppers this year have done alright, but not the tomatoes or green beans.  I have determined the top soil we purchased to fill the buckets and barrels was less than desirable.  So next year we will use potting soil or a top soil and compost mix.
     We have 4 horses at this time.  We also have a full-grown and very fat pot-bellied pig that we intend to have butchered in the near future.  We have a rooster and a hen.  Some very good friends are going to give us a couple of doodlers to add to the beginnings of our flock.  We hope to add meat goats to our farm by next Spring.  Rabbits and cattle will also be added to our livestock in the future.
     In future posts, I plan to tell you more about how we live off-the-grid and I will try to include some pictures.  I also plan to tell you how we are turning our acreage into a farm and providing food for ourselves.  I enjoy cooking and inventing new dishes.   So, I will be posting recipes from time-to-time.  I crochet, sew and do a lot of other crafts and I will enjoy showing you what I have made.
     Until we meet here again may you be blessed.

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